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Hands-Free Biothane Dog Leash

Hands-Free Biothane Dog Leash

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Experience the ultimate freedom with the Wanderlust Pup Co. Biothane hands-free dog leash

This versatile leash can be used many ways with its fixed ring, and an adjustble sliding ring:

Traditional leash with a handle

Wrapped around your waist

Crossbody over your shoulder

Suited for all adventures, this hands-free leash is waterproof, easy to clean, odourproof, and incredibly strong. Give your dog the freedom to explore, while you enjoy a hands-free, hassle-free experience. 

Need to tie up your pup while you enjoy an outdoor patio meal? No need to fumble and un-clip your dogs leash to wrap it around something. Simply attach the clasp to the sliding o-ring to effortlessly secure your dog to a post, fence, or tree.

Length of the leash is measured from one end to the other, clasp to clasp. Take into account your dog’s height and yours. Shorter dogs require a longer leash than taller dogs. For added control and safety, add a traffic handle to your hands-free leash.

This biothane is available in two widths: 5/8” for extra small to medium dogs, or 3/4” for small to large dogs.

Handmade on Vancouer Island, British Columbia, Canada, using 100% Canadian sourced materials.


Solid brass hardware is used with all Wanderlust Pup Co products.

Solid brass will patina over time. Patina should be considered with dogs with white fur as it can stain and require upkeep to keep fur and the collar free from patina (patina can be washed out-just a bit of extra work)


Generally a quick rinse will do just fine. For more stubborn dirt, wipe with a wet wipe, or use mild soap and water. A toothbrush or soft scrub brush will help to remove stubborn stains. Use a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda to polish the brass hardware and remove patina.

Biothane is strong, but it is not chew proof.

Topical flea/tick/insect repellents/topical oils etc. can weaken the biothane material. Use alternative collar when applying such treatments.

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