What is biothane?

BioThane® is the brand name of a PVC coated webbing which is made in the USA. Biothane resembles the apparance of leather but feels soft and flexible. Some refer to it as vegan leather.

Why choose biothane?


-Odour resistant

-Strong and durable

-Easy to clean and minimal upkeep

-Stays flexible in cold weather

What thickness of biothane does Wanderlust Pup Co. use?

We use standard thickness of biothane. It has a 2mm coating of pvc around the webbing.

Why solid brass hardware?

We use solid brass hardware on all of our products. Our solid Brass hardware is Canadian sourced.

Solid brass is ideal for dog gear. It's solid all the way through, meaning it is not plated so no chipping of an outside finish/color.

It's an excellent choice as it's strong and provides more 'flex' than other materials, which may crack, making it less susceptible to breaking under force.

Solid brass can head on all the adventures your pup wants to go on whether that's in salt water, mud puddles, or a walk in the city. It's resistant to rust and corrosion. Solid brass will however patina over time. Patina appears as a dulling of the brass. You many notice some patina (greyish apparance) on lighter coloured biothane in the area of the hardware over time. Patina can discolour light coloured dog fur so this should be taken into consideration. Patina can be removed with washing, it just requires a bit of upkeep on lighter colored fur.

To care for solid brass, wash with soap and water. To remove patina and restore shine mix a paste of lemon juice and baking soda and scrub onto hardware, let sit a minute, then rinse off.

Product care

Generally a quick rinse will do just fine. For more stubborn dirt, you can wipe with a wet wipe, or use mild soap and water. A toothbrush or soft scrub bush will help to remove stubborn stains.

To remove patina (greyish residue) and restore shine, mix a paste of lemon juice and baking soda and scrub onto hardware, let sit a minute, then rinse off.

After exposure to salt water, rinse hardware to ensure clasp doesn't get sticky over time. If clasp gets sticky, just spray with a bit of WD-40.


Biothane is very strong, but like most things, it is not chew proof.

Solid brass hardware will patina over time creating a dull appearance or a greyish tinge. This patina should be considered if you have a dog with white fur. Patina can discolour the dogs fur. It can be washed off, but just note it does require some upkeep.

Topical flea/tick/insect repellents/oils etc can weaken biothane and cause it to crack. Use an alternate collar if you're applying any such products.

As with all collars, its best not to have them worn 24/7 to ensure no damage to fur or skin.

Products should be inspected prior to use as a safety precaution to ensure screws haven't loosened or springs in clasps haven't malfunctioned. We warranty all hardware for malfunction. If an issue arises, please contact.

Where can products be found in store?

Custom orders

Don't see what you're looking for? Chat with us, use the Contact Us page or email wanderlustpupco@gmail.com and we can discuss more options.

Please note, we only use solid brass hardware, and not plated/colored hardware. At this time we do not offer quick release buckles.


Wholesale ordering is available. Please reach out via the Contact Us page or email wanderlustpupco@gmail.com for more information.