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Biothane Traffic Handle Leash / Grab Tab

Biothane Traffic Handle Leash / Grab Tab

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Traffic handle, grab handle, traffic leash, whatever you may call it, it's a helpful little tool!

Off leash adventures are great, until you come across something on the trail you need to leash up for. This is where a traffic handle is great! Simply grab the traffic handle rather than leashing up. 

We also love traffic handles on everyday walks as an extra measure of control. Having a handle that is closer to your dog helps maintain control in needed circumstances.

We suggest to attach the traffic handle to a back clip of a harness. Please keep in mind the size of your dog and where you are attaching the handle. A dangling traffic handle can cause a tripping hazard.

Length is measured from end of clasp, to end of handle.


Solid brass hardware is used with all Wanderlust Pup Co products.

Solid brass will patina over time. Patina should be considered with dogs with white fur as it can stain and require upkeep to keep fur and the collar free from patina (patina can be washed out-just a bit of extra work)


Generally a quick rinse will do just fine. For more stubborn dirt, wipe with a wet wipe, or use mild soap and water. A toothbrush or soft scrub brush will help to remove stubborn stains. Use a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda to polish the brass hardware and remove patina.

Biothane is strong, but it is not chew proof.

Topical flea/tick/insect repellents/topical oils etc. can weaken the biothane material. Use alternative collar when applying such treatments.

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